About Us


What started as an opportunity to get my mom and grandparents much needed money has turned into a business that exceeded my dreams. Azul Mexican Boutique started as a stand in Mexico, called Azul American Boutique where my mother and family members sold clothing that I sent them from the United States. I took this plan to the United States, purchasing clothing from San Cristobal and setting up a small stand at a local market. We are so proud to represent our culture and family in a permanent store located in the heart of Lancaster County! Stop by Park City Mall and see how the collection has grown from blouses and wraps to now include beautiful handbags, shoes, hats, & much more. You can also find us at Prussian Street Arcade in Manheim. 


Thank you for all of your support! We will continue to donate money to families with special needs as well as support local merchants in the San Cristobal area and beyond.



Park City Center

142 Park City Center (JC Penny Wing)

Lancaster, PA 17601


Prussian Street Arcade

49 N. Main Street

Manheim PA, 17545

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